Suthasinee 1 Restraunt Chiang Mai

Simple Thai moslim food

Cuisine: Moslim
Rating: ★★☆☆☆
Recommended dishes: khao soi, biryani chicken, kuaytiaw
Price indication: inexpensive; average meal THB 50 / person

Suthasinee 1 is the first of 3 branches of the Suthasinee restaurants. It’s also the smallest and most simple one. On the menu there are just a few items, most importantly khao soi and biryani chicken rice.Eat it and go. Nothing more to say about it.I personally prefer the biggest branch no. 3 because it has a bigger menu and better atmosphere, but some like the quality of the dishes here more.

Khao soi beef

Biryani chicken rice

Location: Charoenprathet soi 12, close to Empress Hotel, Changklan road. From Changklan Road, turn left to go to the Empress hotel either through a small soi or through the proper road Charoenprathet soi 12. After you pass the parking of the Empress, it’s on your right.

Open: every day for lunch

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