As an expat who’s had their fair share of authentic Japanese cuisine, I can confidently declare San Sui Japanese Restaurant as one of the finest Japanese culinary gems in Chiang Mai. Though it’s located slightly off the beaten track, trust me, the journey is a small price to pay for the reward that awaits you.


Where Mountains and Waters Meet: Authentic Japanese Dining on Chiang Mai’s Outskirts

Cuisine: Japanese Rating: ★★★★★ Recommended Dishes: Avail any sashimi on the 5th, 15th, or 25th of the month; sushi Price Range: Value for money with an average meal ranging around THB 400-700 per person

Opening Hours: Open daily for lunch and dinner Location: Along the old Sankampaeng road. From Nawarat bridge, take Charoen Muang, passing the train station, and cross the Superhighway. Look for the first lane on your right after the Superhighway.

San Sui confidently sits at the summit of Chiang Mai’s Japanese dining scene, head and shoulders above most local Japanese establishments. The difference is staggering – we’re playing in different leagues here.

Mr. Samo, the owner of San Sui, is the epitome of dedication. As a former Food and Beverage manager in high-end hotels, he knows the importance of top-quality ingredients. Driven by this, he embarks on an ambitious 10-hour journey to Rayong three times a month to personally select the freshest catch straight from the fishermen’s nets.

If you happen to dine at San Sui on the 5th, 15th, or the 25th of any month, you’ll likely witness a slightly weary Mr. Samo, but in return, you’ll be rewarded with the freshest fish imaginable. It’s a ritual many of the Japanese patrons have come to respect and anticipate, marking these dates on their calendars.

Savor the difference when you visit on these particular days – the fish, boasting unique textures and tantalizing aromas, is something you’re unlikely to experience elsewhere.

Their sushi rice, coupled with the seasonal sets they offer, adds to the restaurant’s charm and value for money. While the saba might not steal the show, rest assured the other dishes won’t disappoint.

One downside is the indoor smoking which might be bothersome for some. Choosing a corner with decent air conditioning could be a good workaround.

In essence, San Sui is worth every minute of the drive out of town

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