The Best Chiang Mai Food Blogs

Here are a few other sites and sources that write about food in Chiang Mai (and perhaps the rest of Thailand).
I often disagree with their opinion, not for the sake of taste only, but also because some of the food rated is simply factually not in order, but you may get some inspiration from them. – A blog by a Thai guy, very popular amongst the local Thai crowd.
He rates Grill Jung as excellent, whereas it was my worst taste experiences in months, so I don’t think it’s of much use to me. Perhaps he’s always so hungry that everything tastes so good?

Tripadvisor – Of course this a world-wide site with opinions from many travellers, so perhaps you’ll agree with them and find great food for you through it. I often found that it’s biased by short-term visitors who don’t really know where to find good food and often stay close to their hotel or guesthouse. They also often don’t know the difference between real taste and MSG, understandable when it’s your first time to Asia, but it’s not real taste.
The top restaurants listed here are definitely not my favourites.

Thailand Tatler – Some of the restaurants listed here are good. Others aren’t. Thailand Tatler seems to have a preference for fancy farang restaurants. If you’re new and in that category, you’ve got a good chance to be listed by them. No guarantee for good taste, though.

Go 2 Ask Anne – Another Thai run site that features all kinds of average places. Fancy food scores high here. – Run by a Chinese expat in Chiang Mai, it’s been around for a few years and lists many places. She’s mostly positive about almost every place, so I often don’t get inspired, but there may be some that I don’t know.

Dining Guide Chiang Mai – This is purely a commercial site, so all of the food is always gorgeous, which I mostly disagree with.

City Life – Again, this is a purely commercial site that is mostly raving about each and every place visited. No guarantee for good food. – Extremely popular website mostly for local Thai all over Thailand. There are forums about almost anything. The big masses in Thailand don’t have taste, so you’ll find a lot of poor and average places here. – Another very popular website for Thai. Biased by the big masses. – A popular Thai blog run by the owner of Tengoku restaurant. He’s mostly positive only about all kinds of food and sadly his own restaurant serves a narrow selection of fish, although being expensive, so I don’t think it can be anywhere near the real Japanese top in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai Locator – General site on Chiang Mai with a massive database including restaurants. There aren’t many reviews yet but as the community grows there may be more opinions.

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