A typical Thai BBQ

Name in Thai: เมียงดง
Cuisine: Thai
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Recommended dishes: standard BBQ

Price indication: cheap, just THB 149 all you can eat

Arguably, you haven’t really tried Thai local food if you haven’t been to a typical local BBQ, called mu-kaa-taa.
Mu-kaa-taa’s are immensely popular with the local Thai crowd. Some even go there a few times a week. For me, once every 6 months is more than enough, because I find most of the food here a bit rough and the ambience isn’t pleasant at all: always full and noisy with lots of people talking and shouting and loud music at the background, while food hygiene is questionable.
Some places are certainly dirty and I’m sure some of the meat is off, you can smell it from the street, but a big fire will kill the germs so the locals don’t get sick but it’ll be far from a good taste.

Mieng Dong is one of the better and cleaner places around and provides good value for the amount of food you can eat.
There are fish, shrimps, meat, veggies, desserts, white rice and garlic fried rice.
You’re supposed to take a bit of porkfat to create a little layer on the plate before putting on all the food, so that it doesn’t stick to the plate too much.
I enjoyed the mushroom veggies most, and all the other food doesn’t have that much great taste but surely you can eat a lot.

Recommended for a one time experience with your Thai friends, but certainly not often.

If you compare the quality of the ingredients with that of the better Koreans, you’ll taste the difference, so I normally stick to the Korean BBQ once in a while.

Location: Changpuak street soi 4. From the Mercure Hotel, follow the street past Topps and make a turn left and right. It’s on the right.
Open: every day for dinner till late

Posted 23rd September 2013 by Chiang Mai Eater

Location: Si Phum, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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