Matsu Japanese Restraunt Chiang Mai

Good value Thai-run Japanese with decent food

Cuisine: Japanese

Recommended dishes: any maki (for example salmon maki), grilled fish, soba
Price indication: very good value for the quality of the food; relatively inexpensive; average meal about THB 200-300 / person

Matsu is a little place run by a Thai couple who have some experience with Japan and Japanese food. The menu is quite large and contains all standard categories and the food served is quite good, especially if you consider the low prices. All dishes I tried were good and there was no disappointing flavour.

The fish offered is mainly the standard: A LOT of salmon dishes, saba, crabsticks and imported tuna, so nothing out of the ordinary, but all of decent quality (mainly from Makro).

The sushi rice is made of real Japanese rice and is good enough, I saw the owner making it himself. The miso soup is good enough too, and so is the grilled fish, mainly due to a very hot oven. Zaru soba is nice ‘al dente’, the tempura stuff good too.

Overall, all is good, and of decent quality.

– Chiang Mai Eater

If you want more special fishes such as Aji, Tai and the fresh catch of the season, you still need to go to the top Japanese restaurants in Chiang Mai, and some dishes are still a bit more delicate there, but if you consider the low prices here and the amount of food you get at overall decent quality, this is a good alternative for a few Japanese dishes once in a while.

Personally, I still crave Suntori for the best sushi rice in town, Sansui for the best fish selection and Kitchen Hush for it’s delicacy, but you’ll find me in Matsu when I just want a simple and inexpensive Japanese flavour.

Salmon ‘inside’ maki

Location: Singharat road, just off the northern moat. From the inner nothern moat, turn left into Singharat road and find it after a few shops on your left.

Open: every day except Monday, from 11am-2pm and 5:30pm-10pm

Posted 17th October 2013 by Chiang Mai Eater

Location: Si Phum, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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