Khao Tom Daeng 2 – (ข้าวต้มแดง) Very local and pretty okay

Name in Thai: ข้าวต้อมแดง
Cuisine: Thai food with rice soup or rice
Rating: ★★☆☆☆
Recommended dishes: kale with pork
Price indication: inexpensive; average meal about THB 50-100 person

If you’re looking for a local place, this is it: more local than this it can hardly get. Khao Tom Daeng has been around for ages, probably long before you and I were born.
You can see this from the old, somewhat dirty walls, the interior with cabinets dating from early sixties or before and from the nostalgic pictures of both Thai and foreign movie stars that were very popular at that time but that have aged or deceased by now.
Bruce Lee, Sylvester Stallone and Tom Cruise in their very young age still hang on the walls as if nothing ever happened.

Now you may say you were born long before Bruce Lee’s heydays, yes me too, but Khao Tom Daeng has been around much longer than that. Before the present owner, Daeng, took over, the previous owner was legendary for his bad mouth and therefore the place earned the unofficial nickname ‘Khao Tom Paak Ma’ (ข้าวต้อมปากหมา). The pictures on the wall are therefore probably “new”.

Enough about history, what about the food?

This place serves a few dishes that go well with khao tom (rice soup) or rice. The menu isn’t very big, but the taste is quite okay. The pork that comes with the kale is quite okay, the morning glory a bit salty due to the bean paste. Then there are some pickle dishes that go well with the rice soup.

Like all khao tom places it’s open at night until late and this place is clearly quite popular for local Thai.

It’s alive, active, turnover is high so dishes are mostly fresh enough.

There’s even an upstairs at the back.

Dishes served with cold Oolong tea, that goes quite well, and the khao tom is nice and thick with the grains intact.

If you feel like a late night supper not far away from Warorot market, this is a good choice, if only to get a flavour of an old established place in an old neighbourhood with a loyal clientèle.

Location: Chang Moi Tat Mai. Coming from Nawarat bridge and going through Taphae road, turn right into Chang Moi Tat Mai street. It’s just 50m from the corner opposite the temple.
Open: every day only evenings until late

Posted 2nd December 2013 by Chiang Mai Eater

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