Legendary place without much good food

Cuisine: Thai, Japanese, some farang
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
Recommended dishes: 
Price indication: not cheap, average meal about THB 200-300

The Good View is no doubt a place everyone staying in Chiang Mai for over a few weeks has tried. Together with The Riverside, it’s one of those places that have a name and that is likely to be recommended by most taxi drivers and hotel receptionists. Talk to any local Thai in town, especially the younger ones, and they’ll know it and will enjoy to go there.

The reason for this is because it’s a typical Thai-style entertainment: large space, lots of tables, live band, fairly large menu and all kinds of drinks, and good location along the river. This is the preferred Thai style hang out, relax with your friends while listening to easy covers, eating some average food and drinking more than you eat.

The Good View is in this group of restaurants and yes, for atmosphere it’s a good place to go to especially if you’re invited by a group of Thai friends.
The food however, is rather poor, and really the last time I was invited there I couldn’t finish my dishes because it was all so poorly done and I had to continue my dinner somewhere else.

So if you’re a good eater and appreciate fine taste, it’s best to get a decent meal somewhere else and then join your friends afterwards for drinks.

Location: east embankment of the river, just up from Nawarat bridge
 every day, sometimes very busy in the evenings so then better book or come early

Posted 3rd November by Chiang Mai Eater

Location: Chang Moi, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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