Global Game Jam in Chiang Mai and the Anticipation for 2024

Mark Your Calendars for GGJ 2024

When: The 15th edition of the Global Game Jam is scheduled to start at 17:00 in your local timezone on 22 January 2024 and will run through 28 January 2024.

Where: Chiang Mai, Thailand was the venue for the 2023 edition, while the 2024 event will take place in various locations around the globe. – 🌍 We will keep you posted as to it’s location within Chiang Mai.

Who: The Global Game Jam is open to all, with no age restrictions. The 2023 Chiang Mai event was organized by Bit Egg Inc.

What: The Global Game Jam is a worldwide event where individuals come together to create, collaborate, and practice their game creation skills. The 2023 Chiang Mai edition was a hybrid event, offering both in-person and remote participation.

The Global Game Jam (GGJ) has made its mark on the international gaming scene with its creative, immersive and globally-connected events. The next major event, marking the 15th edition of GGJ, is set to start at 17:00 in your local timezone on 22 January 2024 and run through 28 January 2024. This event will see gaming enthusiasts from all corners of the world converge to create innovative and experimental games.

A Look Back at GGJ 2023 in Chiang Mai

Last year, one of the most remarkable GGJ sessions took place in Chiang Mai, the cultural heartland of Thailand. Organized by Bit Egg Inc., the Chiang Mai Game Jam emerged as a melting pot of creativity, offering a platform for game creators to prototype and create novel game designs.

When and Where

The event unfolded from 5:00 pm on Friday, February 3rd, 2023, to 5:00 pm on February 5th, 2023, at 239 Huaykaew Road, Suthep, Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Being a hybrid event, it successfully combined in-person and remote participation.

Health and Safety Measures

Amid the ongoing pandemic, the event’s organizers left no stone unturned to ensure the safety of the participants. Strict COVID-19 protocols were in place, including requirements for full vaccination and daily temperature checks.

Language and Accessibility

Although the primary language of the event was Thai, English-speaking participants were also catered to. The absence of an entrance fee and the provision of meals on-site made the event highly accessible to gaming enthusiasts.

Innovation at Its Best: Outcome of the Chiang Mai Game Jam

The Chiang Mai Game Jam inspired a variety of innovative games. Two games worth mentioning are ‘23Seconds,’ which tells a riveting story about the creation of time, and ‘Charoot Adventure,’ a narrative of a carrot’s quest to be the king of roots.

Understanding the Global Game Jam

GGJ can be likened to a musical jam session where participants come together to rapidly prototype game designs. The goal is to inspire innovative and experimental games within a short timespan. This unique approach has resulted in many games from past Jams becoming commercially successful.

In Conclusion

The Global Game Jam in Chiang Mai was a creative extravaganza that fostered a global connection of creative minds, promoted knowledge exchange, and created unforgettable gaming experiences. As we eagerly await the next event, it’s safe to say that the Chiang Mai GGJ site, energized by Bit Egg Inc.’s creativity, is gearing up for another electrifying session.

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