Well wrapped up food and place, portions a bit small versus price

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Cuisine: western / Mexican wraps and panini’s
Rating: ★★★☆☆
Recommended dishes: wraps
Price indication: a bit expensive for the quantity; average meal about THB 200 up

Fresh & Wraps is a brand-new restaurant right on the moat at walking distance from Taphae gate. The owner, khun Nen, has done a great job to refurbish the entire building that comprises of 2 parts and 3 floors or so. The main part is for Fresh & Wraps, the 2/F is probably going to be a boutique hotel called An-Teak, expectantly in the same very stylish design as Fresh & Wraps.

Fresh & Wraps is extremely stylish, with state-of-the art interior design, charming wooden plates for the wraps, beautiful counter, cinnamon sticks to stir your coffee etc. etc. Almost every detail has been carefully designed and done. If only for the comfort to chill out with a drink and a bite, it’s already worth the visit.

As for the food, I tried a few wraps but not yet the panini’s and burrito’s. The wraps are pretty good, the ‘tortilla’ flour is done well, much much better than neighbor Loco Elvis, but I like the tortilla flour in the other neighbor El Diablo’s Burrito too. The chicken is well roasted, the salad with dressing complements it well. This is the kind of food which is easier to find in the West, and would be pretty good but there would be competitors. Here, in Chiang Mai, it’s a unique kind of snack that you fancy once in a while when you’re tired of yet another rice lunch.

For a big eater as me, one wrap is certainly not enough, so I consider it a snack or a starter, but if you’re a light eater and want to relax with a coffee or a smoothie, this is your place. The place sometimes gets quite busy and the service isn’t as good as the style.

Overall, the taste is good but the quantity a little small which makes the bill look somewhat bigger. For 150 baht up in Chiang Mai you can usually get a bigger meal, but this is for style and atmosphere.

 Chicken fajita wrap

 Take-away chicken veggie

Location: Moonmuang. From Taphae gate, walk up north along Moonmuang road and you’ll see it on your left, just before Rajivithi road which has Loco Elvis on the corner.
Open: every day for lunch and dinner till 9pm or so

Posted 1st January 2014 by Chiang Mai Eater

Location: Si Phum, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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