About Me

Hello, fellow adventurers!

I’m Brad, and welcome to my piece of the internet – a tribute to the beautiful city of Chiang Mai.

I’m just an ordinary guy from Brisbane, Australia, living with my extraordinary wife and our three amazing kids. We share a common, extraordinary love for travel. But it’s not just any destination that captivates us, there’s one place that has a special spot in our hearts, and that, my friends, is Chiang Mai. (obviously, the picture below isn’t from Chiang Mai – there are no beaches there… but all the photos I found were only of the family… I wasn’t in them. 🙁

One day, I chanced upon an old website that seemed to have been forgotten – a virtual diamond in the rough. Seeing the potential it held, I made the decision to revive it, expanding its horizons beyond just dining to cover all aspects of the charming city of Chiang Mai.

Hence, “Dining ‘on’ Chiang Mai” was born, encapsulating the notion of devouring the city with all your senses.


My family and I visit Chiang Mai as often as we can, and every trip leaves us more enamoured with this enchanting city. Especially my middle child, who I suspect might relocate to Thailand in a heartbeat, if only for the Thai fried rice.

Professionally, I make a point of attending the annual Chiang Mai SEO conference. This allows me to fuse my love for this vibrant city with my interest in SEO, connecting with others in the field and staying updated with the latest trends.

Through this website, I aim to bring you along on our family’s adventures, share our favourite spots and cuisines, and provide practical advice for anyone planning a trip to Chiang Mai. But above all, my goal is to encapsulate the essence of this amazing city and its people.

Whether you’re planning your first trip to Chiang Mai, or it’s your favourite destination just like it’s mine, I hope this site serves as an engaging guide and source of inspiration.

Here’s to the journeys that await us. Happy exploring!